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    League of Extraordinary Comedians

House Of Comedy

September 21st


Laugh 4 Hope

Victory Outreach Church


September 23rd


Comedy Statement

MicDrop Mania

October 1st 7pm

Chandler AZ


Stir Crazy Westgate


October 19th

More shows being added soon

*Dates are subject to change. Check my socials for ticket links and flyers

If interested in booking email Dan to set something up.


If you have enjoyed Gallagher  and Carrot Top's prop style, Harry Anderson's magic fun, but wished there was a prop entertainer who does not need to use language or innuendos. Well you found him. 

I am already Arizona's favorite prop entertainer... because I am Arizona's only prop entertainer! Now I want to be your favorite prop entertainer. With my mixture of props's physical humor, clean stand up, and more recently magic. I am a fun act that the whole family can enjoy! 

So whether you are a church, business, club,  concert, or special event I'm  sure I can be the entertainment you are looking for.


Encouraging both young and old with a message of encouragement and hope.  

I have been blessed by being able to speak at camps, youth groups, and young adult groups over the years. 

I also have served as the "Chaplain" for Super Summer Bible Camp. A day camp where I have delivered a message of hope and encouragement daily for grades kindergarten to going into 7th grade for many years.


Dan Hanson is one of the most in-demand Entertainer's today! Dan had performed for a wide variety of audiences. From youth to seniors, he has brought laughs to many for well over a decade. 

Also, Dan has performed in a variety of venues that include clubs, churches, camps, casino, concerts, bars, and even a house blessing. Dan has not only performed around the valley at churches, clubs, and other venues in his home state of Arizona , but also in Fort Worth Texas at a inner city youth camp, different churches in Chicago Illinois as part of a Outreach team, a college service in Houston Texas, camps in Big Bear California, a club in Las Vegas Nevada, Sunburst Casino in Farmington New Mexico , concerts with some top local Christian musicians. and finally a house blessing in North Carolina.

With his use of clean humor, mixture of props, standup, physical improv, and more recently magic, you will be guaranteed a fun time. So, whether you are a kid, or a kid at heart that finds the joy of laughter. This is a show you will want to see.

Dan has also been a youth speaker at camps, student ministries, and young adult services. Delivering messages of hope and encouragement to others.

Entertainment you can trust

Explore a world of clean comedy, mixture of props, standup, physical improv,  magic and other stage bits you will be guaranteed a fun time whether you’re a kid, or kid at heart that finds the joy of laughter. Dan with his carefree spirit, joyful attitude, and willingness to serve others in order to help create a great show for all audiences. He is just what you need at your next event.

With decades of experience in performing at different venues and for different audiences, your attention will be free to enjoy the event you worked so hard to create. You will never have to ask, “where is the entertainer?” and you will find Dan to be a trusted team member of your event willing to help if needed.

Need a speaker? Dan can do that too. Seriously, just ask him.

What are people saying ?


“Comedian Dan is likely the best "prop" entertainer in Arizona and perhaps the entire southwest.   It's not so much what he says that's funny, but what he shows you right after.”

-Randy Jenkins Owner of Marana and Vail Laughs

“Dan is the hilarious entertainer with a heart. He is top rated by Clean Comedy USA and continues to astound audiences everywhere. If you get a chance to book him, please do. You will laugh The night away.”

-Randy Hausner owner of Clean Comedy USA

“Dan is different, professional, polite,and easy to work with. He does not care about his place at the show whether it’s opening, closing, or somewhere in the middle. He just enjoys the opportunity of being part of the show. “

-Jim Perry the Cop Comic Owner of JP’s Comedy Club


“Dan is really, really smart comic! He writes the kinda jokes that even makes other comedians laugh.”

-Chris Wineland comedian and author

“Hey Dan is the cleanest , and the funniest prop entertainer In the world besides Carrot Top, but I don’t really know how good he is I’ve never seen this act so Dan is the best. “

-David Ross Jr. Star of “You’re Doing A Great Job” podcast

I'm always impressed when we share the stage, he brings the laughs, he's witty, and a delight on stage. He is a special treat to any event."

-Keeley Wolf comedian


"Dan Hanson's shows are delightful. magical comedy at it's best"

"Love watching Arizona's only prop entertainer. never know what he will pull out from his bag of tricks to make you laugh with delight."

"Funniest prop entertainer I've ever seen. The hand gun gag gets me everytime."

“When Dan performs I know it’s a show I can bring my whole family too and not have to worry about my children hearing something inappropriate.”

“Dan is not only a good comedian but a great individual. He enjoys spending time with others before and after the show visiting with those who want too.”

“Dan has not only performed at our church with his comedy, but has also been a speaker for our youth group. He provides a great message that both encourages and entertains using Biblical principles.”