Dan Hanson "That Prop Guy" EPK

Wind me up, and turn me loose. Whether It's 10, 50, or in this case close to 500 . I will deliver a high octane fueled show full of fun.

Describe Who Dan Is?

Dan is a versatile performer who can engage any audience through clever wordplay, silly puns, fun humor, physical comedy, creative props, and a dash of magic, creating a truly unique and entertaining experience that spans a wide range of comedic styles suitable for all audiences and events. 

Who is Dan?

Dan Hanson is one of the most in-demand Entertainer's today! 

Dan had performed for a wide variety of audiences. From youth to seniors, he has brought laughs to many for well over a decade.  Dan has also performed in a variety of venues that include clubs, churches, camps, casino, concerts, bars, and most recently a monthly show at the Arizona Veterans' home. Dan has created a fun show featuring new wonderful comedians each month as a way to say thanks to those who served. 

Dan has not only performed around the valley at churches, clubs, and other venues in his home state of Arizona,  but also in Fort Worth Texas at a inner city youth camp, different churches in Chicago Illinois as part of a Outreach team, college service in Houston Texas, camps in Big Bear California, a club in Las Vegas Nevada, Sunburst Casino in Farmington New Mexico, local concerts with some top local Christian musicians. and finally a house blessing in North Carolina.

With his use of clean humor, mixture of props, standup, physical improv, and other stage antics like magic you will be guaranteed a fun time whether you’re a kid, or kid at heart that finds the joy of laughter.

Entertainment You Can Trust

Explore a world of clean comedy, mixture of props, standup, physical improv, and stage antics like magic. You will be guaranteed a fun time whether you’re a kid, or kid at heart that finds the joy of laughter. Dan with his carefree spirit, joyful attitude, and willingness to serve others in order to help create a great show for all audiences. He is just what you need at your next event.

With over a decade of experience in performing at different venues and for different audiences, your attention will be free to enjoy the event you worked so hard to create. You will never have to ask, “where is the entertainer?” and you will find Dan to be a trusted team member of your event willing to help if needed.